Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fetish for Things

Came across this fantastic site. Fetish or catalogue? Is there a difference?

btw, for the vloggers who complain there is not enough video on my site and the artists who complain there is not enough art on my site and the writers who complain there is not enough writing on my site...?

This is not a book. This is not a gallery. This is not a television.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Seeing Is Believing

Watch the video
This is a story about need - needing to tell, needing to see, needing to record.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Watch the video

I have spent several years online, exploring ways in which the body can be effected through mediated means. One of the things i've been exploring is Hypnotism.

I've had two previous sessions with T. - a man who claims to be an online erotic hypnotist. During those sessions, I have felt relaxed (much like meditation) but have not been able to take it further.

My third attempt was last night.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Second Life Lessons

I met a man in Second Life today. His name was Faun and he is Gorean. If you don't know what that is, you should look it up.

In real life, he tells me, he is a 25 year veteran of the BDSM lifestyle so, naturally, he gravitated toward me in my distress.

I couldn't figure out how to turn myself around so that I could see what I looked like. I have found no mirrors in the program and was dying to know what kind of impression I was making.

As it turns out, if you hold down the alt key while moving the mouse, the angle shifts and you can see all sorts of things. This is what I saw.

Yes, I've changed. I bought this outfit, dubbed "Hottie" and, with the addition of free cat tail and ears, a Malibu suntan, default body shape and the gift of lollipop ring from an invisible "friend", my new identity is almost complete. I still need shoes but my funds are low.

In the background, two furries duke it out.

I found a great article on videoblogging within Second Life and received the promised free interviewing microphone (for 1 Linden).

The idea of making "video" within an artificial environment intrigues me. Would the results be more or less real than the videoblogs I make currently?

San Jose Art Museum call for submissions

The San Jose Museum of Art is having a call for submissions for a show....in Second Life. The works they are seeking are virtual and exist within the program and will be shown in a virtual gallery in the program. Fascinating.

The virtual objects are mundane enough sounding - furniture, plants, vehicles. Does the fact that they are virtual make them art?

Here's the scoop from 3pointD.com:
New and existing Second Life members are invited to submit furniture, objects, fashion and accessory designs, aesthetic creations, games, vehicles, buildings, amusements and attractions, foliage and natural features, including site-specific installations or performances, or any other creation made inside the Second Life metaverse.
Go there to get links to info.