Friday, May 19, 2006

My Second Life

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I finally made it. I'm in Second Life. Here is my first day in a social setting. It's some sort of welcome area, I think.

I dont' seem to be able to walk up stairs. I go through them instead. But, I did manage to get rid of a pesky bald spot by giving myself bigger hair.

Virtual vlogging in a virtual world. 


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

bodyBody project

I found a site called bodyBody Project from a group out of Seattle about body issues for women.

An interesting factoid from the main page:
In 1920, women established the right to vote. 1920 was also the first year of the Miss America Pageant.
On the site, some women recount their body stories:
You’re either a Lara Flynn Boyle or a Camryn Manheim, and I’m neither of those. I used to relate to Kate Winslet and Christina Ricci, but both of them have caved to industry pressure and lost a /lot/ of weight. I thought Renée Zellweger looked wonderful with those extra few pounds she put on for Bridget Jones’s Diary, but all the film industry could do was snipe about how fat she was (even though she only went up to what, a size 6?), and once she took the weight back OFF (plus some extra, it seemed) I thought she looked terrible. There’s no one in the middle ground. You’re either the token fat actor or you’re one of the beautiful people. I think [my body image has] gotten progressively worse as I’ve gotten older. I keep gaining weight, and the more I put on the less I like my body. I’ve tried every type of exercise and diet known to man, and nothing except starving myself seems to work. With every piercing and tattoo my body becomes slightly more my own – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I like it any more. Now that I’m single again, for the first time in so long, there is so much extra pressure to make my body beautiful – my boyfriend may have loved my body, but now he’s gone. If I want to find someone else, I’d better get myself as close to that ideal as possible, or I’m going to spend the rest of my life alone. I only get really motivated to change my body during the times when I hate it most. -- Alicia Barta, Seattle
This is just one of them. Check them out.

What is your body story? Men and women both. Come on. You know that you have them...

Monday, May 15, 2006

Motor Cycles

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In this video, I am thinking about my role as a vlogger and as a community member. Is the act of watching/taping the act of participating? What am I participating in? I am thinking about mediation of experience or mediation as experience, control and motorcycles.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Hostess Hotties

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My response to the discussions about sexism, gender roles in the media and a certain ad for a videoblog "hostess"