Friday, April 14, 2006

Annalee and Attractiveness

From Alternet, I read an article about Annalee Newitz's slashdotting of her site and the resulting commentary:
A few months ago, an article of mine was Slashdotted. But instead of resulting in a lively debate about technology and social justice, it instead produced a popular thread in the "comments" area about whether I was too fat to be considered attractive.
She goes on to tell of her most recent slashdotting the threaded discussion that followed about whether or not she was attractive.

She winds up her post on her experiences by acknowledging the men who stood up for her and thought that, perhaps, men are evolving from the primordial ooze afterall.

There's quite a lively discussion at Alternet going on in her comments right now.


Blogger B said...

I missed this! Thanks for posting it, Anne! I fall in love with Alternet a bit more each day :)

3:34 PM  

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