Monday, April 03, 2006


Videoblogging Week 2006 - Day 1: "40"

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This week is Videoblogging Week in the vlogosphere and I have committed to posting once a day for seven days. The theme is "vlogging dangerously".

I don't have a camera that takes good pictures and the microphone truly sucks but it's all I have right now so I'm posting anyway. Kind of appropriate considering the subject matter.

I'm going to tell you some of my insecurities this week - some of my foibles and fears and dreams. I'm going to make a series of confessions to you, whoever you are.

Today's is called "40".


NOTE: arrrgh! I tried to crosspost this yesterday and apparently, the video did not go through. I really must watch for these sorts of things!


Blogger Unknown said...

I feek you, I will turn 38 this year and I hate it........I want to be young and beautiful again......well I wasn't really beautiful but I was young....

4:43 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

I watched this on the train this morning, Anne, and was very moved. It's so hard to face the camera with so much honesty.

My wife and I both turned 40 recently, and went through a lot of twists, turns, and changes about it.

I read this recently, "When you're young, who you want to be someday is the largest part of who you are. When you're middle-aged, the evidence begins to mount."

(Read the first review on Amazon of Annie Proulx's "Close Range : Wyoming Stories" for the rest of the quote.)

Still, at 40+, I find I have so much more vision and clarity than ever before. I understand the world better, even as my knees begin to creak. I'm optimistic that my best work and best years are ahead of me.

Happy Videoblogging week!

7:05 AM  
Blogger Anne Walk said...

batman geek. you are still young. you have toys and they will keep you young.


oh, i understand the whole clarity thing. i think that the things that are becoming clear, however, i prefered fuzzy.

young and foolish is so cute. old and foolish is just...well...foolish.

8:15 PM  

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