Sunday, March 12, 2006


I left myself a message today on I chose to make mine public but anonymous and there are many others there for the reading. Here's one:
Dear FutureMe,
I hope that you are married now. Why did you wait so long? Jim is everything you have ever wanted and needed in your life. I hope that you have a family or are starting one. Remember that your family are you best friends and they are always there for you. Don't keep the important stuff secret anymore. I hope that you are successful and that you realize that you want to become a mother more than anything. Money isn't everything and if you don't have the best of everything and if it isn't better than everyone else's you are still okay.
You are a strong woman and you have held your family together long enough . Whatever happens happens and you are not responsible. jim loves you and you and he will have your own family and your kids will never see you fight like you saw your parents.
You are a good person. You are a loving person. Stop and relize that. You don't have to make everyone else happy as long as tou are yourself. Stop making excuses for your actions. You are who you are. You're old enough to make your own decisions. You don't need your parents to help you out all the time.
PS Did the bathroom renovations end up being okay?
I love you.

(written Sat Dec 24, 2005, to be delivered Fri Apr 13, 2007)

The concept is an interesting one. FutureMe is full of hope.


Blogger Phil said...

I remember doing that too... a while ago... I think I said some nasty things to myself about how I'd better be doing better get my life in gear...

10:51 PM  
Blogger Judoka said...

I love stuff like this! It's like the Internet time capsule I blogged just yesterday! Time capsules are captivating somehow... romantic even...

6:38 PM  

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