Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fun With Jane

Back on February 19th, I received an email from someone going by the name of Jane Cartland. Jane claimed to have come across my blog and, complimenting me on my attractiveness, asked to post some of my pics on her websites.

The sites in question are quasi porn sites. By that, I mean that they are odd. They don't look like porn sites and the models in them are regular women you wouldn't normally see on porn sites.

I was suspicious and asked for more information. Something told me that it was some sort of project - whether personal or art, I wasn't sure - but something was definitely up.

She posted my breasts on a page devoted to breasts and told me afterwards. I then sent a pic of my head and a pic of one of my legs and she posted those on the appropriate sites. Then, she was gone.

I went by today and checked up on the project. It has come to a halt....and my pic has been givena place of prominance, along with a link to my limited time offer and titled Miss Mew.

I've just written her to ask if I know her in another context. I'm quite certain that I must. The question is, who might it be?

A stalker perhaps? No. She has disappeared. I guess she was a limited time offer.


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