Friday, February 10, 2006

The Reappearance of Uki

We finally heard from Uki, the sushi chef:
It's Uki now im here in Vancouver

Thanks for worring about me

I saw Ann and Branda came to ginza restaurant

I wanted to see you guys but I was getting beat uped by the boss
He hit me first at the face and I saw blood coming out of my mouth
I spat on the floor and he told me that "Are you spitting at the floor?" and
He spat on my face...
i wanted to call the cops but i had no chance...

i had no money and i wanted my payment before i leave
so i couldn't do anything to him..
i had a deal with the boss he wanted me not to contact with you
and he wrote down all of my information(passport..etc..) and i got my pay of 500 dollars

the boss' daughter was comming to the restaurant because
she was going to ruin the plan that we had...not to go to the government
aviod the cause what they were doing to me

i could of gone to the police station but i had no money with me
and i had the deal with the boss so...i had no choice

he also said that "if you sue me i'll buy a lawyer and only you will be the one who will
suffer and i'll just get over with but not you" something like this he said to me...

i didn't want any of my problems with you so i didn't contact you..

i just wanted to leave quitely and since i had a deal with the boss
thank you for worring about me i will call you soon...

You see, it turns out that the restaurant I was working in has been bringing people into Canada from overseas with the promise of a work visa (for which the lucky worker pays a huge sum of money). There is no work visa, of course, only 10-12 hour work days, seven days a week, no pay. Slavery in the Okanagan. I wonder how prevelant it is?

I've contacted the immigration officer for the RCMP but have yet to hear a peep. This is not over.

Oh yes. The restaurant had to close down due to the sudden disappearance of it's entire staff (Uki, me and my daughter) but I understand they are back up again - with a new sushi chef. He just arrived in town.


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