Sunday, November 20, 2005

Modern Sex

I love reading other people's blogs...especially the comments from others contained within them. There is a lovely element of surprise in the comments section.

Today, on a BDSM blog, I found this comment:
And Rothko fucking rocks. I once had this girlfriend that’d insist on being given oral in the style of Rothko (and she could really tell the difference when I was faking it). Take from that what you will.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Update On A Life

Where have I been, you may well be asking. Or not. Perhaps my reading public has gone off in search of much more worthy art fodder and I don't blame them.

I haven't been thinking about art at all lately. I've been doing other things...

I have a new blog and it's not about art...unless you consider life to be art, in which case, it is rife with it. My new blog, currently housed at an undisclosed location, chronicals my new life as a BDSM'er in the Okanagan Valley.

There is an ever growing group of kinky folk in the valley and I am now a full fledged member of this society. I like it. It is the art we inflict upon ourselves...private and public performances to a select audience. I'm not going to tell you where my blog is but a careful search may yield results...

I got another image on the cover of Front Magazine but have not heard from the gallery at all. Emails today confirmed it. I haven't seen the cover but I'm hoping to find myself a copy or two. It's very odd knowing that something I did is out there and I am not privy to it. I have been going on rumour. Kind of appropriate for the stuff that I do.

I got a job as a telephone operator - another irony in my life. I have done telephone performances in the past and I feel that this job extends my interest in telepresence in a new way. The performances that I will be doing as an operator will be recorded and played back to me in monthly evaluation meetings. I will be my own audience.

my nonpractice continues....