Friday, September 30, 2005

Torturing Souls

I mentioned earlier that I would try to engage my mind in art by visiting all of the blogs in The List. Language has proven to be a debilitating factor in this exercise but I am pressing on, nevertheless, in the hopes of finding something to get the cogs moving again.

Today, I found this.

On 00e00, a site titled enrique zabala: notes on contemporary art, the author laments his complicated relationship to painting.
...I paint, you could say, in spite of. In spite of not finding happiness in it, of it seeming like a heavy, uncomfortable and slow vice. In spite of that painting seems like a metamorphosis into a divine replicate; a replicate no less extravagant and miserable than the original. In spite of living painting as an impulse rather than pleasure; as a necessity rather than as freedom...

Poor, tortured soul...

In an earlier blog entry, we can read a story about the Painter, Parrhasius, and how he had his subject tortured to get just the right expression for his painting.


Blogger Atik said...

I think you should post more often. Loved the part most where you mentioned about obliging someone who asked for your pics ;) Saw the Naked truth and yes i liked it. wat turns me on when someone like me shares their experiences and loves to talk and write about things that they do or like or even dislike. I am a lot into blogging just reading comments and peoples blogs and posting comments myself. will be visiting your blog more often and hope to read and maybe see more of you and about you. cheers.

6:56 AM  

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