Friday, September 23, 2005


Yes, I've been quiet. I've been living life and not making any work at all and not even looking at anyone else's work. This has been both relieving and boring. I need to get to Vancouver and see some stuff. I need to be inspired.

I just got back from a quick (couple of hours) trip to Vancouver to visit a new doctor. I go back next month for yet another biopsy - this one on my liver. Yum. I can hardly wait. I'm going to try to make a trip out of that one - hop over to some galleries and see what's up. If it pans out, I just may have something to write about.

I'm sad that I am missing the art blogging discussions over at Artivistic. Too bad I was unable to go. I was really hoping to make it. Ugh. I'm depressed. I'm interested to hear what everyone has to say about it though. What does art blogging mean, anyway? Has it become an integral part of the art world? Why or why not?

At the homefront, I have been spending fewer and fewer hours here. It seems strange to be sitting at my mac, in my room/studio, trying to get my cylinders firing again. I've been avoiding me. My mind has gone to ruin. I need a drink.

This small town has been good for my sanity in the short term. I've had time to regroup and relax... but I'm becoming a hermit - a very boring one at that. I do believe that it's time to shake things up a bit.


Blogger fluidthought said...

artivistic would have benefitted from your presence. i think you would have put forth interesting questions and we missed you. nevertheless, i understand why you didn't come. if you're interested, zeke has links to all the blog participants, though you may have seen all the posts by now.

hope all the biopsy stuff goes well. i thought you were done with that?!?

3:16 PM  
Blogger Anne Walk said...

hi karen,

haven't checked out zeke's posts yet but i will.

i wish that i could've gone. would've been nice to meet everyone and share some thougths/frustrations/laughs.

sadly, the biopsy stuff is not over yet. ugh. but at least i get a free trip to vancouver!

10:36 PM  

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