Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Sad that I missed the art blogging discussions at Artivistic, I've decided that I simply must force myself to look at some kind of art thing on a daily basis. As I don't have galleries to go to, I will go through the massive list of art blogs done by Loreto Martin and linked at Zeke's Gallery. That ought to keep me busy for a while.

I noticed that I am not on said list. Guess I should make some art or something. Also noticed that Zeke is calling this site No Practive. Not sure what that means but it sounds important.

As for what I have been up to...

Monday was my 40th birthday. This was a very traumatic experience for me. Forty is such a large number.

D. took me out to a great Greek restaurant in town called Theo's. We drank a bottle of red wine and I got quite drunk then he took me back to his place, tied me to the bed and performed unspeakable acts on me, helping to mitigate the trauma of turning forty. I then passed out and have been napping on and off ever since.


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Blogger Zeke's, the Montreal Art Gallery said...


Thanks for the head's up about the typo - it has been fixed.

Sorry that you didn't make it, it was fun.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Anne Walk said...

Thanks a bunch, Chris!

11:37 PM  
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