Thursday, August 11, 2005

Some Tech Talk

It has occurred to me that the reason more video artists don't post their video on the web may be that they are worried about the costs of hosting content. I know that this has been a problem for online galleries but it need not be any longer.

There are a variety of places online that will host your content free of charge. The Internet Archive has been a big help in getting stuff out into the world. They promote Creative Commons licensing so that you can designate the details of your content sharing.

CC licensing is not, I repeat not, giving up your rights as an artist. It is a way for you to stipulate the ways in which you allow others to use your works as well as restricting permissions. For example, my works are CC licensed as Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0. This means that you may collect/show my stuff if you attribute the work to me, you are not selling it in any way, and you do not use my content to make derivatives that you attribute to yourself.

In practical applications this means that you may post my content on your blog as long as you say it's mine. You are not permitted to plagiarize my stuff and pass if off as your own. Galleries that show my work would still be expected to negotiate a contract.

Not only is Internet Archive useful as a repository for your work, it is also a great source for public domain and CC content that you can use without fear of copyright woes in the creation of new works.

Currently, load times for video have been slow due to dramatically increased usage of the archive. Because of this, I know longer use it to point to my videos although, I still upload them into their system for philosophical reasons.

For fast load times, I suggest posting to You don't need a website to connect the content to. Sign up as a member and upload your videos. There is a built in audience at the site and you are free to direct folks to your content via the web address provided.

This is a great way to apply to video shows, etc, as no hard copy is needed. I hope that galleries will get on board. It would certainly make the gallery submission process easier and cheaper for all concerned.

It is very important when posting video to use the right compression. You can get information on how to do this and much more from places like

Why do I care whether other artists use this technology to post video? Because I live in a place with no contemporary art scene. No show opening/pub crawls. The only stuff I see is what I see online.

I long for content. Show me your stuff.


Blogger Devlon said...

I'd like to add to this.... is a nice site to 'see' how to post video, and use the other tools that have been created in the vlogoshpere through recorded screencasts.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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