Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Out Of The Picture?

On the lack of female representation in the famous Famous Artists List from the Guardian article, Painted Out of the Picture, by Natasha Walter:
...they are often celebrated for staying within the realm of what we feel women's art should be - above all, the personal and emotional. Tracey Emin fits the bill precisely, with her flayed personality on view in all her art...

...the danger is that fascination with their personal lives can divert us from looking straight at the work, and that can hardly help the women to blossom fully as artists rather than narcissistic personalities. How can they feel that they have an appreciative audience, rather than hangers-on and snipers, as long as their faces remain more famous than their art? In the end, such art may well be denied its place in the canon for exactly the qualities that made it such a success: because it is so personal and fashionable, it runs the risk of being seen as ephemeral.


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