Saturday, August 27, 2005

Camera Politics

A video warrior got footage of a legal party in Utah which was shut down by the National Guard.

This comes on the same day that police in Pittsburg tasered a peaceful protester with a taser, while she was already on the ground.

See video of both assaults mixed into one video here. The daylight footage is of the taser incident. Posted on under the tag Gods and Government.

Are assaults like this becoming more prevelant or is documentation of these incidents changing the power dynamic?

A google search on "camera photographing police" brought up many articles and several questions about cameras and cops, who has the right to use a camera and who doesn't.

People are arrested for taking pictures at rallies and in public places in general while the police up surveillance on citizens, photographing crowds of demonstrators. Surveillance cameras on city streets are on the rise and everyone is targeted. At the same time, taking pictures on the street can get your camera confiscated.


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