Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Little Visit

susansontag2005: what's up m m?
theonemissmew: hello
theonemissmew: i'm just working on some new projects
susansontag2005: what are you wearing right now?
theonemissmew: flannel pajama pants and a tee. what about you?
susansontag2005: jeans and a dirty ee.....but it's getting way too hot for me like this. i was thinking of cutting the nipples out of the shirt for some venting.
theonemissmew: hmmmm...i don't tend to sweat from my nipples.
susansontag2005: mw niether but i like people to see them. did you know that my brother actually has a third nipple./ it is only about half the normal size. girls like it though. how can i take your picture right now?
theonemissmew: i'm not on cam today. i usually only go on cam on saturdays.
susansontag2005: bummer. i like your pictures on the wall here. you look like fun. have a nice day and if you ever meet a boy with three nipples ask if he is my brother.
theonemissmew: i will do that. thanks for the chat


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