Friday, July 08, 2005

It Isn't Love

I've been having some trouble with an ex. He is probably reading this right now. I've been told I should just ignore him hoping that he will go away but, so far, that tactic doesn't seem to be working. He only shifts his attention to those I care about.

This is the downside of love - it can turn cruel. It can turn into something else that isn't love or hate or sadness but something else. Something uglier than hate. I should know this already, having been raised on Days Of Our Lives which I watched religiously with my mother when I was a child.

The bad guy never really dies. He only goes on vacation for a spell and comes back with a tan and new resolve. His closeups are filled with an ominous soundtrack. It becomes boring. Why, oh why, won't they write him out of the show? A final death by dismemberment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, if people had better things to do... they would be doing it.


12:01 PM  
Blogger Anne Walk said...

well, then! here's to better things!

1:36 PM  

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