Saturday, July 16, 2005


I'm lying in bed right now, keying in from D.'s laptop. Although it's Saturday, I'm not on cam. How freeing it is!

I received an email from the TPW address, however:
when I had a pussy-cat , his favourite brand of cat-food was indeed Miss Mew!

Gordon Lightfoot, in case we have never noticed , is the unsexiest man who ever lived! A lack of pictures only serves to create a surfeit of images1
The email was cc'd to one, andrewp. Could this be the author of the cryptic message?

I think the dispersions on Lightfoot are unwarranted.

I wrote to Chris over at Zeke's Gallery about my interest in the art blogging discussion group at the upcoming Artivistic/05 event. I like the idea of some real time meet ups with the other bloggers and hearing their impressions of the importance (or lack of importance) of art blogs to the wider art community. And, more interestingly, what blogging means to them.


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