Sunday, July 10, 2005

Call Me

Last night I met a phone sex operator. She was interesting and informative - sharing her experiences and insights into the phone sex business world. She's also a psychic reader and gave D. and I a bit of a reading about our relationship according to our zodiac sign (we are both Libras).

I have always been interested in phone sex as a vocation and meeting her was a dream come true. I hope that she will let me interview her on camera sometime. I'd be interested in exploring the stories of the men she has spoken with.

One of the things that struck me as she was describing the phonecalls was that the sexual conversation was, for many of her clients, a structure which enabled them to establish a connection. They paid, by the minute, to talk about their relationships and seek advice. I'm curious about these clients. Of course, their orgasm was an important aspect of the interaction.

She's talking about starting up her own business which would combine the psychic readings with phone sex. Sounds like an interesting idea. Palm reading?

On a related note, I've been looking into an artist named Igor Stromajer because I like his artist's statement:
He believes in intimacy, individuality, co-operation, communication, eroticism, asceticism, orgasm, concept, pleasure, media, fantasies, nuts, researching, philosophy, high technology and angels. He doesn't believe in tourism and the end.


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