Friday, July 22, 2005

Blog Theory

Did you know that there is such a thing as blog theory?

I didn't...until I visited the Blogtalk Downunder, a website run by Adrian Miles, in preparation for a conference on blogging and the newly emerging vlogging phenomena.

Miles is a member of the yahoo videoblogging group I joined and his take on vlogs is refreshing and inventive. He would like to see video, not as discreet, read only objects within a blog but as texts from which we can cut and paste portions, access hyperlinked clips from within and otherwise treat as we would a textual blog.

Check out his essay, Media Rich versus Rich Media (or why video in a blog is not the same as a video blog) and learn about terms like granularity:
Granularity is a common term in hypertext theory that is used to describe the level of detail that a particular object or element may have...

...blogs exhibit a very high degree of granularity. They are, to use the extremely apt and popular phrase of David Weinberger, ’small pieces loosely joined’ (Weinberger, 2003)....

It is also this granularity that has allowed blogs to be woven by the network. A blog consists of multiple posts but also multiple links in and out. These links point to parts, not wholes (individual entries, not entire sites) and it is the presence and density of these links that are fundamental to blogs as emergent systems (Miles 2005b). The issue for a video blogging practice is to try to conceive of video as being similarly granular.


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