Sunday, July 31, 2005

This Is Not Vanessa's Peach

Friday, July 29, 2005

Channel 102

Internet TV is here and cheesy! Why don't you watch episode one of Teen Homicide on Channel 102?

Every month, five-minute TV shows are screened before a live audience, who vote on which shows they'd like to see continue.

Winning shows return to Channel 102 a month later with new five-minute episodes.

Losing shows are cancelled, never to be heard from again.

But new pilots are always welcome.

Please submit a pilot episode of a TV show not exceeding five minutes on a MiniDV cassette labeled with your name, the name of your show, and your email address to:

Tony Carnevale
P.O. Box 479
Radio City Station
New York, New York 10101-0479

We'll email you if your pilot is selected to be screened.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


I don't know what I want to write today. I'm tired and sore and I received some news that may alter my life for a while.

So now, I'm asking myself just how personal I want to get with this blog. What is it for? If this is an art blog, what does that mean? Do I have a duty to maintain it's art blogginess? Say something clever about a something I saw? Peddle my wares?

To tell you the truth, I don't give a rat's ass about art right now. Or, maybe I care about it more than ever. I have a hard time deciding.

I'm just tired of everything right now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Vlogging is starting to get alot of attention from media and not-media alike. It's fun to watch to the developments. It's also a little sad. Soon, companies will be vlogging and there will be vlogger guides and the content will become more slick and tv-like. Or, maybe, I'm just being negative.

The NYT had one of our little group on the cover the other day. Now, Ian, an 18 year old boy in the UK is having a terrible time getting online. He is deluged with emails and messages.

Other recent mentions are in Forbes and a whole series in Wired.

And, in smaller news, the Rantman mentioned D.'s vlog White Guy Eats Foreign Foods!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Visual Blogs

I've been far too tired to blog of late. That's the thing about blogs and vlogs - there is a duty to update that I am not always able to accomplish. So, today, I will point you toward Into the Blogosphere, an excellent site for acedemic writing on blogging.

One of the articles there, Visual Blogs by Meredith Badger, takes a look at how visual media could change the face of blogging - a very useful read for the art bloggers out there who will be attending the art blogging discussion at Artivistic in the fall.
There are other applications for visual blogs that are already beginning to emerge and will almost definitely be explored further in the near future. Artists may be invited to keep guest blogs on gallery websites to coincide with real-world exhibitions of their work, blog “curators” may invite artists to hold online shows within their own blog where a new exhibit is added each day.
Wouldn't it be great to be able to attend openings around the world via video? I think so. But then, I don't get out much.

Bre Pettis, of I Make Things shares his trip to The Whitney in this video

Sunday, July 24, 2005

She Frickin' Blocked Me!

D. sent me this thoroughly modern love song about chat relationships. Fabulous!

On a chat note, I've been back in the chatrooms, peddling my Miss Mew pics. One interested customer asked if I would be willing to sell him my used panties for $100. That got me thinking about the monetary value of fetish objects in the art world and how panties would fare in a gallery setting. I do believe I have a new project to persue. Now, to get a Canada Council grant for panties.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Limited Time Offer

As a continuation of ideas from the TPW performance, I have set up a website project called A Limited Time Offer.

Check it out.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Blog Theory

Did you know that there is such a thing as blog theory?

I didn't...until I visited the Blogtalk Downunder, a website run by Adrian Miles, in preparation for a conference on blogging and the newly emerging vlogging phenomena.

Miles is a member of the yahoo videoblogging group I joined and his take on vlogs is refreshing and inventive. He would like to see video, not as discreet, read only objects within a blog but as texts from which we can cut and paste portions, access hyperlinked clips from within and otherwise treat as we would a textual blog.

Check out his essay, Media Rich versus Rich Media (or why video in a blog is not the same as a video blog) and learn about terms like granularity:
Granularity is a common term in hypertext theory that is used to describe the level of detail that a particular object or element may have...

...blogs exhibit a very high degree of granularity. They are, to use the extremely apt and popular phrase of David Weinberger, ’small pieces loosely joined’ (Weinberger, 2003)....

It is also this granularity that has allowed blogs to be woven by the network. A blog consists of multiple posts but also multiple links in and out. These links point to parts, not wholes (individual entries, not entire sites) and it is the presence and density of these links that are fundamental to blogs as emergent systems (Miles 2005b). The issue for a video blogging practice is to try to conceive of video as being similarly granular.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Domme In Theory And Practice

Someone found this site today after doing an aol search for the terms "domme", "theory" and "practice".

Think I'll break out the whip tonight.

Networked Performance

I found a great website this morning called networked-performance
which was created in order " to explore performance within, through, and across computer networks and disciplines" in preparation for a conference in 2006.

The site is a blog hosted by Helen Thorington and Michelle Riel with a meaty comment section where participants are discussing theoretical issues and describing various projects that are relevant to the discourse.

It was in the comments section that I read about Hole In Space, the telecommunications project of Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz:

On the first evening, unsuspecting pedestrians walking past the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City, came face-to-face with life-sized television images of unsuspecting pedestrians walking past "The Broadway" department store in Century City, Los Angeles. And vice versa. There were no explanations. 3000 miles apart, they could see one another; they could hear and they could speak with one another.

The second evening saw growing numbers of people populating the streets as word-of-mouth and long distance telephone calls spread the word; on the third ­as a result of television coverage the previous evening - there was a mass migration of families and trans-continental loved ones to the two locations, where they ²utilized the link ­or frame -- provided by Galloway and Rabinovitz, and gave it its content, and its meaning.² Many of those present had not seen each other in 20 years.

This shift from artist as creator of content to artist as creator of a space in which others (the public, friends and acquaintances) produce content and meaning, is profound.
Posted by: Jo at July 18, 2005 05:03 PM
Would you consider this project to be performance art?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Art Phone

Ah yes. I went to the new blog Source Code and read about Susana Mendes Silva's newest version of Art Room called Art Phone.

Previously, Silva tried to do a performance in a chat room where she invited the chatters to ask questions about contemporary art. She was met with scorn and was eventually ousted from the room.

In this next version, she is using Skype. Just add her to your list of contacts and, when she's online, give her a call (her skype name is susana_mendes_silva) and ask her anything about contemporary art.

I'm curious about this one. I am going to give her a call. Is the conversation restricted to art or can I engage her in more personal discussions? We'll see...

The Blahs

I have been remiss in my posts the last few days.

Yesterday, I went to the beach and laid about for hours. Now, I'm red.

I'm finding that, staying at someone else's house is having a detrimental effect on my own activities. I am feeling entirely unmotivated. All I want to do is sleep, eat, lounge around and have sex.

I've been watching D. play with editing equipment and it reminded me of how much I used to enjoy making things. He's so enthusiatic about what he's doing and everything is so new to him. I used to have energy to burn. Now, I'm just burning on the beach.

It must be the post-show blahs. I really need to get my butt in gear and get moving on my new project. But first, another coffee and, maybe, a stroll along the beach...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cargazer Coniferation


I finally made it down to the traffic circle to see the new art installation.

You may remember the furor over the last installation - Michael Hermesh's Baggage Handler - that put Penticton on the radar.

The new installation, a sculpture rendered from immense logs and suspended car hoods painted up by the local children, has received nary a peep of attention from either Penticton's media or the CBC.

I tried googling the work to pick up some details on it such as the artist's name and the title of the piece and spent about an hour searching various combinations until I hit upon a small segment in a past issue of the local paper. That's it. No other hits. I even googled the artist to no avail. There is a huge blight on the landscape and everyone is politely averting their eyes.

Cargazer Coniferation was created by Vancouver artist Monty Walden. I am impressed that something so enormous and so hideous could be installed in town with little fanfare. Could it be that the locals are still embarrassed from the Frank fiasco and are desparate to avoid national scrutiny?

Described by some as "totem-like", the pentagram shaped monstrosity rises up from the cement pad like a bad version of "modern primitive". D. thought it reminiscent of a Warcraft landscape. Ugh. Honestly, I have no idea how something of this magnitude could've gotten past the selection committee.

Director/Curator Curtis Joseph Collins has this to say about the choice of installation in the gallery newsletter;
Perhaps the most controvertial art to be shown in association with the gallery this summer will be Monty Walden's temporary installation in the Roundabout. As the chair of the City of Penticton's Public Art Advisory Committee, I remain hopeful that such a public art project marks a progressive effort within our community. However an onslaught of misinformed criticism in the local newspapers has me worried that those who refuse to accept installation as a valid practice may drown the voices of positive change. Art is no doubt a subjective experience and everyone is entitled to an opinion, however this is merely one site of many in Penticton that feature art. And as the organizer of this project I will not be deterred by stagnant minds. Walden's proposal was selected by the ten members of the Advisory Committee and then unanomously endorsed by City Council. Please support art in its many forms.

I can't wait to see what is in store for us next!


I'm lying in bed right now, keying in from D.'s laptop. Although it's Saturday, I'm not on cam. How freeing it is!

I received an email from the TPW address, however:
when I had a pussy-cat , his favourite brand of cat-food was indeed Miss Mew!

Gordon Lightfoot, in case we have never noticed , is the unsexiest man who ever lived! A lack of pictures only serves to create a surfeit of images1
The email was cc'd to one, andrewp. Could this be the author of the cryptic message?

I think the dispersions on Lightfoot are unwarranted.

I wrote to Chris over at Zeke's Gallery about my interest in the art blogging discussion group at the upcoming Artivistic/05 event. I like the idea of some real time meet ups with the other bloggers and hearing their impressions of the importance (or lack of importance) of art blogs to the wider art community. And, more interestingly, what blogging means to them.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hello. My Name Is...

I've been hanging out at the yahoo videoblogging group today - something that I don't generally do - and watching the arguments over what vlogging can and/or should be. Some see it as television. Some, like visual journals. Some want vlogging to make it to the big time as an entertainment choice. Others enjoy the micro-celebrity. For many, it is a broadcasting system. For others, it is a form of communication.

In talking about the potential of the medium for interactivity, I began to think about this blog. I have been looking at my stats and see a variety of addresses from all over the world. Some readers get here by accident while looking for something else. One person did a google search for phone sex! I'm afraid I was a disappointment. sigh.

Today, I had a person from Princeton go through my archives. What were they looking for and did they find it?

I guess I'm a bit of a voyeur, pouring over IP addresses. I want to know everything about these anonymous readers. Are they involved in the art community? Where else do they like to visit? Come here often? Why or why not?

To my readers;

I would love it if you would introduce yourself. Maybe we could have a conversation...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Staff photos Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard News Office

Cross posted on Byte Me

I've been looking into the work of Wynne Greenwood, sole band member in the three person band, Tracy and The Plastics. I am interested in the idea of participatory video and in performance that moves between real and recorded space. Through the use of multiple personas, Greenwood's performances attempt to blur boundaries between the maker and the made and invite her audience to make the performance as well by encouraging interjected commentary.
Part basement punk show, part video installation, and part one-woman play, Tracy and the Plastics are comprised of Greenwood and her virtual alter egos, Nikki and Cola, who exist solely on a four by five foot screen via video projections. Through lo-fi electronic music and bold but simple video art, Greenwood and the Plastics explore - and dismantle - the layers of interaction among performer, spectator, and screen. Midway through her performance Greenwood addressed this altered dynamic; stopping the VHS tape she explained: "When I pause the video, it's an acknowledgment that I made the video." Harvard Gazette
Greenwood will stop her act and engage her audience in conversation. In Can You Pause That For A Second...and let yourself groove, Greenwood writes about her concentration on the ability to pause a video and what this means to her:
It seems like when you pause (a video) you stop participating with it. You disengage, you stop paying attention, you answer the phone, spill(ed) your drink. But I think the opposite. I think the space of a paused video is one of total participation and self-care...

CAN YOU PAUSE THAT FOR A SECOND? Why do I keep doing this? Why do we keep doing this (this band, this video work, this singing job)? I make this happen because there's a space I'm moving around in. And it's a hot space, it's breathing and imagining and producing revolution, culture, passion. It's the same space as a video paused. It's the same space as the spoon suction in the separated peanut butter/oil mix. These spaces ask us to bring things together for a second.
I think that the vlog is a paused video. When you visit a vlog website, video merges with text , still image, and audio and there is space for the viewer to become maker through the inclusion of commentary which can be in the form of text, image and video. Many vloggers make themselves freely available for real time conversations via chat, PoIP, and video conferencing, merging the "then" with the "now".

There is a high degree of intertextuality between vlogs as makers comment on each other's videos, respond to them with their own videos, make guest appearances in the videos of other vloggers and make new videos utilizing clips from other makers. The idea that each of us is a potential vlogger, invited to contribute to the conversation, heightens the participatory nature of the medium.

Paused video is good for the soul. It's physical. It's a participation...Your turn. Wynne Greenwood

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Short Message...

A Little Visit

susansontag2005: what's up m m?
theonemissmew: hello
theonemissmew: i'm just working on some new projects
susansontag2005: what are you wearing right now?
theonemissmew: flannel pajama pants and a tee. what about you?
susansontag2005: jeans and a dirty ee.....but it's getting way too hot for me like this. i was thinking of cutting the nipples out of the shirt for some venting.
theonemissmew: hmmmm...i don't tend to sweat from my nipples.
susansontag2005: mw niether but i like people to see them. did you know that my brother actually has a third nipple./ it is only about half the normal size. girls like it though. how can i take your picture right now?
theonemissmew: i'm not on cam today. i usually only go on cam on saturdays.
susansontag2005: bummer. i like your pictures on the wall here. you look like fun. have a nice day and if you ever meet a boy with three nipples ask if he is my brother.
theonemissmew: i will do that. thanks for the chat

Monday, July 11, 2005

Cracks In The Pavement


Kevin Hampson is participating in a multi-venue public art project called Cracks In The Pavement. I'm pleased that, in a city bustling with a wide assortment of people, Hampson has honed in on the pedestrians rather than the physical location itself.

The project is to create site specific works that speak to the location in which they are installed. The works should be portable and will be expected to be picked up and taken away by those who find them. The show will continue until all of the works have been taken.

Kevin's piece is a series of bookworks that create a narrative surrounding individuals he encounters on his walk to work:
The encounters I have had range from the strange to the mundane. For example, there is the janitor: I pass the same janitor every day working outside the Art Gallery of Ontario. We have very set schedules so we always pass each other at a particular time. We share a nod or a knowing glance but never converse. I want to weave this experience into a fictitious account of his life. The text I invent will blur borders for a viewer and create an evocative account of a life lived in that space.

I particularly enjoy the story surrounding the creation of the Peter bookwork:
Queen and University is the site of Osgoode Hall, a Victorian building that functions as courtrooms and great library for the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in the centre of downtown Toronto. It is here that I met "Peter," a man who exposed himself to several others and me on a busy afternoon. My relationship with this individual is much different than the other two since it only happened once and was quite shocking. The piece will depict the moment he flashed me as well as the events leading up to and after the offense. His excitement and mental state will also figure heavily. To my knowledge, "Peter" was never caught.

I often find myself watching strangers on the street and I wonder what their lives are like. What are they thinking about at that very moment? What would it be like to be them? Where did they just come from and where are they headed to?

Hampson takes on these questions and answers them according to his own dreams and desires - much as we all do in our interactions with others. We tell ourselves stories about each other and, sometimes, we believe them. Ultimately, these stories are about ourselves.

Hampson's installation began on the 10th. Go to the show's website and get a nifty map. Happy hunting.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Call Me

Last night I met a phone sex operator. She was interesting and informative - sharing her experiences and insights into the phone sex business world. She's also a psychic reader and gave D. and I a bit of a reading about our relationship according to our zodiac sign (we are both Libras).

I have always been interested in phone sex as a vocation and meeting her was a dream come true. I hope that she will let me interview her on camera sometime. I'd be interested in exploring the stories of the men she has spoken with.

One of the things that struck me as she was describing the phonecalls was that the sexual conversation was, for many of her clients, a structure which enabled them to establish a connection. They paid, by the minute, to talk about their relationships and seek advice. I'm curious about these clients. Of course, their orgasm was an important aspect of the interaction.

She's talking about starting up her own business which would combine the psychic readings with phone sex. Sounds like an interesting idea. Palm reading?

On a related note, I've been looking into an artist named Igor Stromajer because I like his artist's statement:
He believes in intimacy, individuality, co-operation, communication, eroticism, asceticism, orgasm, concept, pleasure, media, fantasies, nuts, researching, philosophy, high technology and angels. He doesn't believe in tourism and the end.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ta Da!



While waiting, I engaged a crossdresser in conversation. It didn't get very far, sadly. He wanted me to switch over to msn messenger and I couldn't or I'd lose my connection to the gallery.

I got one participant for my final performance - another artist looking to find a gallery to represent him. He wandered in while scoping out the commercial galleries.

And, that's it. The show, for me, is finished.

The Day Begins

I'm sitting here waiting for my final performance for the gallery to begin...

With the untimely demise of my Mac, I have been relocated to D.'s bedroom, where he has set up a performance area. It's odd doing this here. I feel out of sorts.

Afterwards, it's a get together with his co-workers followed by a trip into Kelowna to attend a BDSM munch.

It's been a while since we've interacted with the kinksters. This will be our first group situation as a couple. I'm a little nervous about it. I don't know why. Maybe I don't want to mess with things now that they are so good...

Friday, July 08, 2005

It Isn't Love

I've been having some trouble with an ex. He is probably reading this right now. I've been told I should just ignore him hoping that he will go away but, so far, that tactic doesn't seem to be working. He only shifts his attention to those I care about.

This is the downside of love - it can turn cruel. It can turn into something else that isn't love or hate or sadness but something else. Something uglier than hate. I should know this already, having been raised on Days Of Our Lives which I watched religiously with my mother when I was a child.

The bad guy never really dies. He only goes on vacation for a spell and comes back with a tan and new resolve. His closeups are filled with an ominous soundtrack. It becomes boring. Why, oh why, won't they write him out of the show? A final death by dismemberment.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Offline Message


I received an offline message on yahoo messenger from an unknown chatter. They've seen my blogs, they say, and would like to chat.

There are a few ways they could've associated my yahoo id with my blogs and I wonder how they came about it. The gallery documentation? Flickr? Google?

I answered, but they don't seem to be around at present. Perhaps he/she is reading this now and can fill in the details...


My Mac is still broken and I am broken hearted about it. It's thrown me all off schedule. I don't have my RSS feeds for my morning browse, my address book is unavailable, my images for posting inaccessible. Typing on this laptop is like sleeping at a friend's house - nice, but not home. I hope I can get my home up and running again.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Communication Art

I've borrowed D.'s laptop while I try to figure out what is wrong with my Mac. What an awful thing for a cyborg - the breakdown of a virtual body.

I found an interesting article about Communication Art. While it specifically addresses telephones with an emphasis on the mobile phone, the definition of the genre covers technology based participatory works of many kinds:
Telecommunications-based art is primarily concerned with connecting distant and contiguous spaces. According to Frank Popper [7], communication art has six main characteristics: (1) it stages physical presence at distance, (2) it telescopes the immediate and the delayed, (3) it focuses on the playfulness of interactivity, (4) it combines memory and real time, (5) it promotes planetary communication and (6) it encourages a detailed study of human social groupings. In a broader sense, it can be said that telecommunication art not only foresees new developments for existing technologies, but also changes our perception of space. It focuses on the relationships between participants, rather than on the creation of material objects, in a situation where the author is the context provider, not the content creator.

I was thinking about how vlogs are participatory in a way that video art is not. Vlogs allow for direct communication with the image creators and are often intertextual. Like a conversation on a bulletin board, the videos are posted, viewed by many who respond with written, audio and video comments. Sometimes, the videos are taken and remixed or expounded upon. The viewer is also a potential creator.

D. and I have joined a vlogging community and are finding out just how much the various vlogs are interwoven. We only wish that we had the money to attend the various real time/space meetings between this worldwide group.

On a related note, Eric Deis sent me an email pointing me to his drawing board project. This is also a form of communication art. Deis has provided a forum for others to collaborate and converse via drawing. While this is not a new concept (my youngest daughter has been participating in this activity for years on the many draw chat sites), the drawings done on Deis' site will be printed out and displayed as art. Who is the author?

Monday, July 04, 2005


It's been an all around crappy day for me. The vlog that D. and I worked on last night won't compress, my computer broke, and I have inadvertently caused a riff in a relationship through a badly timed email.

I found a great essay on Communication Art but it's on my mac, along with my notes for a post on the topic.

I have one more performance to do for the gallery. I hope my computer is back up by then.

I need a drink.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

No Takers Part Two

D.'s companion vlog is up at Byte Me. Check it out..

I fear that I have lost him to video.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

No Takers

click to watch the video

Not Well At All


I'm sick. My throat hurts, my head hurts, my eyes hurt. I'm coughing up a storm. very attractive.

I'm on cam at the gallery although no one has responded yet. Someone could be watching...or not. I've been laying on the bed most of the day, glancing over to see if anyone is attempting to make contact. No hits so far.

Someone was watching earlier - an uninvited guest appeared on my cam list. macmasterg. I've seen him on my list before and I can't figure out how he gets on. Some hacker, no doubt. I shut him down but next time, I think I'll talk to him and try to find out what he's up to and why.

I also wonder if there are hackers that can watch my cam without showing up in the list and, if so, what they think of the performance. It must be attractive to catch people unaware. Anything could happen.

I wish I was a hacker.