Friday, June 24, 2005

Shoot Me!

I don't go on cam everyday but I often have messenger up and get text messages from visitors to the gallery. I respond when I'm at my computer. Today, I got this one:
susansontag2005: hello?
theonemissmew: hello
susansontag2005: how are you?
theonemissmew: i'm well, ty. yourself?
susansontag2005: not too bad
theonemissmew: are you visiting the show?
susansontag2005: yup
susansontag2005: Its great
theonemissmew: i'm glad that you like it.
theonemissmew: i'm usually on cam on saturdays
susansontag2005: work satrdays. too bad :<
theonemissmew: aw. that's too bad. where do you work?
susansontag2005: photo lab
susansontag2005: small one called motophoto
theonemissmew: i've always wondered. do you folks keep copies of pics you like?
susansontag2005: yes
susansontag2005: at least i waould hope so
theonemissmew: lol. just as i've always suspected!
susansontag2005: how long has this been going for?
theonemissmew: we opened the show on the 11th. it is going on til the middle of july sometime.
susansontag2005: do you have to sit at the computer a lot?
theonemissmew: i usually sit here anyway. sometimes, during the week, i go on if i feel like it.
susansontag2005: it almost feel like the one sitting here should be sending pics of themselves
theonemissmew: that would be fun. if you would like to send me pics, be my guest!
theonemissmew: you think there should be a cam at the gallery too?
susansontag2005: yeah
susansontag2005: or even a memory card reader
susansontag2005: i have my dig camera, and someone could connect that way too
theonemissmew: that's a nice idea.
susansontag2005: I just thought its kinda weird right now as the voyeur.
theonemissmew: well, people usually go to art galleries to look without being looked at in return.
susansontag2005: lol, but that is kinda the cool part too
susansontag2005: if it was a hidden camera it would be like a game show they would never know they were on
theonemissmew: i've had others suggest a hiddlen camera too. must be a few exhibitionists out there!
susansontag2005: I have to get going now, feels a little weird in the gallery, kinda quiet
susansontag2005: lol
theonemissmew: alright. thanks for the conversation.
susansontag2005: bye, thank s too

I have never used a hidden camera to record my participants in any of the performances I have done in the past...although, it has sometimes been suspected that I might be. I've wondered, at times, if people were disappointed to discover that I am not secretly recording them. Everyone wants to be in the movies.

I've been getting my photographs printed at a photo lab in Vancouver. I'm curious now as to how many apartment walls they are currently gracing...


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