Saturday, June 11, 2005

A Performance


theonemissmew: i want to play. will anyone play with me?
susansontag2005: hello
theonemissmew: hello
theonemissmew: who am i talking to?
susansontag2005: i work at the gallery
theonemissmew: hello gallery worker
theonemissmew: would you like to play?
susansontag2005: i morph animals
theonemissmew: into what?
theonemissmew: i will have to check it out.
susansontag2005: people into animals
susansontag2005: animals into people
susansontag2005: animals into other animals
theonemissmew: i turn people into animals too.
susansontag2005: oh cool
theonemissmew: would you like to be an animal?
susansontag2005: um i am an animal
theonemissmew: what kind of animal?
susansontag2005: changes day to day --- cheetah
susansontag2005: how about you?
theonemissmew: i'm a cat. sometimes a kitten, sometimes a full grown cat that hunts and eats.
theonemissmew: would you like to help me?
susansontag2005: hmmm hunter
susansontag2005: it is a long process
susansontag2005: 16 levels in
susansontag2005: you can sign up on the website
theonemissmew: i will bookmark it and have a look.
susansontag2005: lets play ok
theonemissmew: would you like to pose me and take a screenshot for me? i need your help
susansontag2005: cat pose
theonemissmew: curled up or pouncing?
susansontag2005: grrrrr
susansontag2005: raaar
susansontag2005: rrraaaar
susansontag2005: pouneee
susansontag2005: this photo shoot is really working for me
theonemissmew: lol
theonemissmew: i'm glad to hear it. i like it too
theonemissmew: you can print something out and post it. if you are able, you can email yourself the file as well
susansontag2005: done
theonemissmew: terrific.
theonemissmew: you're fun to play with
susansontag2005: ok well there is a line up sooo
susansontag2005: tke care kitty
theonemissmew: alright. mew.


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