Sunday, June 05, 2005

Me And Them

Recent developments in the blog comments have caused me to consider my motivations in continuing this experiment.

Originally, the blog functioned as an outlet for my feelings of disconnectedness to my art practice and the art world of which I was only peripherally a part. Giving myself a new art world and insinuating myself into it seemed like a good way to alleviate the tragic symptoms of the Lone Artist.

I don't have a studio. I work where I live and my work is about living and it's always about my interactions with others and how to draw/blur the line between Me and Them. The blog has not only become my outlet for concectivity, it has become the work - an unforseen consequence of blurring boundaries. I don't want to talk about as much as I want to be.

And so, my messy life is available to my audience. Of course, the result of that is that those who interact with me also become enmeshed in the story. This may be unfair. This may be cruel. This may be necessary.


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