Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Little Experiment...

I'm sitting here at my computer, dressed for company, waiting for someone at the gallery to message me. I don't have to be here - I'm only required to perform on Saturdays - but I feel that I need to work on the participation problem.

K. sent me a small critique. Here's a sampling:
the work was fairly well received. i think people were a bit turned off with the kinkiness of it. it made them uncomfortable. plus you yourself set it up to be sexual so you can't be shocked if people are uncomfortable with that...

many people didn't want to get involved with you because a) it took time, b) they would have to do something c) someone might see them doing something and d) they didn't know you. all of this combines to make people feel a bit off...

this particular piece was about control. you were taking on a persona where it was safe for you to act a certain way and for others to interect with you in a certain way. you then put this out in a public gallery where you couldn't see the people you were allowing to direct your body and take your picture. i think this touches a major cord with people (as it should...it makes the work successful). many many people said that they were uncomfortable with the fact that you couldn't see them. it wasn't fair. it wasn't a trade off. all very interesting...

So, in the interest of experimentation, I thought I would open up the performance to my internet audience. For today only, if you would like me to perform for you, message me on yahoo messenger (theonemissmew) with the message FPC and I will pose for you to take screenshots. I will be available throughout the day and will show up as available if I want to perform. I would love it if you would then email a copy to me (annewalk@shaw.ca) along with any thoughts you may have. Oh. And I reserve the right to decline any pose I don't feel like doing. I will post some of them on the site.

BTW, on a Mac, a screenshot is taken by pressing apple+shift+3. I have no idea how to do it on a PC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a PC it's the 'Print Screen' button, which copies it to the clipboard...then you'd have to paste it into something

10:32 AM  
Blogger fluidthought said...

hmmm. you are far braver than i am, anne. i've been reading your blog with interest of late but must admit i struggle with what you are doing. not saying it isn't valid, mind; i think i'm just more of a prude than i realised.

that said, it reminds me a lot of sophie calle's work but with a bit of a twist, iyswim.

also, been meaning to say but haven't got round to it - your piece for mother's day - i found it really compelling. it was upsetting, frustrating, but most importantly, thought-provoking. it lingers. sometimes art is uncomfortable, as is life.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Anne Walk said...

thankyou for your comment, karen. i'm glad that you read my blog, even the scary bits!

i really appreciate the calle reference as i adore her stuff.

i'm also glad that you found my mother's day ecard lingering. my friends were horrified! lol

12:43 PM  
Blogger fluidthought said...

somehow i knew you were a calle fan. ;)

as regards the e card, i was horrified as well, must say. but all the same, it made me think and as i did, i considered how it captured what a lot of people think though don't say. whether it's accurate or fair or not (i.e., the blame thing) wasn't the point - the thing that got me was that it was such a strong statement of our times. a reflection, if you will.

1:16 PM  

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