Wednesday, June 15, 2005

In The Tootsie Roll News

Back from another over-nighter at D's, sleepy, happy, sore, and ready to get to work.

The Weightless Tootsie Roll, though beyond my financial grasp, has garnered me a place of prominence at the official website:
Thanks for mentioning my auction on your blog, and now your story is mentioned on
How nice.

In a related bit of news, one of Miss Mew's online acquaintances has discovered my identity:
Floggmeister [offline 10:40:24 PM]: small world... it seems one of My little art endeavors ended up on a blog site in which you participate

Could the Tootsie Roll Man and Floggy be one and the same? This is not far-fetched. I first learned of the mysterious confection from one of Floggy's yahoo messages. Coincidence? I'm curious.


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