Saturday, June 18, 2005

Earth Greetings


Another performance come and gone and I am feeling a little better about it.

I sit staring at the screen for hours, waiting for contact. I am forced to confront my boredom and my self worth. No one wants me. No one wants me., and I am on again. I am smiling and posing and touching again.

D. stayed with me throughout, in a station he set up beside me. He took installation shots of the room and, through his laptop, cam grabs for a future project I am working on. Bless his heart. When I was getting a little too bored, a little too distraught, he climbed under the desk and brought my energy back up. He's handy that way.

The cam stayed on at the gallery the entire time and I have no idea if people were watching me or if I was performing to an empty room. Like broadcasting a greeting message to possible aliens, I held onto hope.


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