Friday, June 17, 2005

Dead Already

But now everything is shifting subject, clash of subjectivities, wave after wave of icons of subjective experience, iconoclash, avatarclash. Now for women and men the there is a collapse of this gender superstructure so that your style of being sensually and sexually may appear as extremely anomalous and the possibilities of being rejected as other, hovers right at the edge of possibility. The self is thrown into a performance of the self, an acting out, a trying out of different modes on different days in the effort to feel real to feel alive. ..because the biggest problem emotionally in the commodified hyperreal culture is the feeling of being dead already, depression. The performance of a 'self' or possible 'selves' is a strategy both engendered by the omnipresence of commodification--wanting to be distinguishable and yet recognizable and not monstrous. To want to be connected with others and yet to live with a terror of maybe being, consumed, annihilated by others. Christina McPhee


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