Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blogs And Birds

I went for my second visit with A. (the counsellor). I won't be going back again until sometime this fall when I go into treatment and all hell breaks loose. More on that later.

A. and I talked about blogs and I explained to him how mine provides a bit of stability for me. As long as I have access to an internet connection, I have a home no matter where I am. I think that all of his patients should have one and am going to show him how to set them up. I imagine A. is reading this right now. *waves*

On the walk down, I was attacked three times by an angry black bird. I actually had to run away, waving my umbrella in defense. Further down the road, a crow eyed me with suspicion and I, him. I waved my umbrella menacingly at him and he cawed in reply.


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