Saturday, June 25, 2005

An Anonymous Visitor

excerpt from today's performance...

susansontag2005: what are the further adventures of the fennel plunger corporation to be?
theonemissmew: that's a good i can't answer.
theonemissmew: are you out gallery hopping today?
susansontag2005: somewhat...I'm glad I was able to view your exhibition as I was somewhat curious
susansontag2005: have you exhibited in toronto before?
theonemissmew: no i haven't.
susansontag2005: and how has the reaction been thus far? you're vancouver based?
theonemissmew: i'm in penticton at the moment...the reaction has been mixed.
theonemissmew: lots of folks are too nervous to approach the computer.
susansontag2005:. it can happen, although the donuts should appear more inviting, so keep it up.



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