Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You Are Getting Sleepy

Stare at the centre and relax. Try for 10 minutes to one half hour. You must be alone and in a quiet room without distraction.

Last night, I had my first skype session with an online hypnotist, T., who I had asked to trance me. I wanted to know if such a thing was possible and, if it was possible, I wanted to record a session in which my participant had complete control over me.

So far, not much luck.

T. told me that analytical people are more difficult to trance and so he wasn't sure how I would do. Anyway, it takes several sessions with the same tist to become more relaxed with them.

I asked T. if he was married and if his wife was into hypnosis and he said that they had gotten interested in it together a number of years ago but, while she quickly became bored with it, it became a major fetish for him.

T.has turned to the internet to satisfy his craving for hypnotic power. There are a few rooms in yahoo dedicated to Erotic Hypnosis and he frequents these. He claims to have tranced many women from these rooms, some through text messaging alone.

I asked him how he could be sure that the women weren't faking it and his confidence shook a little. I could hear it in his voice. I'm sure he's thought of that many times which made me consider how much they depend on one another.


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