Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mostly, I Think Of Others

The space between me and someone else may contain the answers to my questions about myself and about them. I move in that space. I try to relate, through stories, through touch. I give in the hope of something returned.

Through performance, text and video, I explore the relationship between myself and others. In exploring these relationships, I am also questioning the feasibility of employing art as a device in the conveyance of sincere emotion.

My concern about the power relationship between artist and viewer has led me to consider alternative methods of interaction and documentation. While I understand that the structure of performance necessitates the implementation of such power dynamics (the artist is more or less in control of, at least, the initial stages of the performance), I attempt to mitigate the effects through the active, voluntary, participation of the audience in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation.

I want to be sincere. I want to tell the truth. I want to share my feelings, to say something deep. I want to affect you. I want to watch you being affected by what I say, what I do. I want to give you a gift and I want you to thank me for it.


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