Friday, May 20, 2005

Just Another Post

I feel awful for missing posting days. I don't know why I feel awful. Does it really matter if I post or not? You see, I'm trying to give myself an out. I've never stuck with anything for any length of time. I tend to get bored (frightened) of the routine (commitment).

Too many outings and I'm exhausted. I miss the lazy comfort of my digital life. I took a sleeping pill a couple of days ago and have been sleeping, on and off, ever since.

I don't know what I've been thinking this past while. What must I do to impress myself? When will I put my foot down and tell myself that enough is enough? If history is any indication, it will be after a hard and willful fall.

And, speaking of trying to impress, I have to come up with text for the upcoming show. Could I not just send them a body part and be done with it? Nothing big, mind you, but something that shows dedication - all of my eyelashes carefully placed in a line.


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