Monday, May 23, 2005

The Hunt Continues...

This is today's correspondence with Tony P. I am going out tonight for my Domme torture lessons but will keep you posted on further developments.
Miss Mew wrote:

i am, indeed, still around. curious that you should send me a message today. very curious indeed.


Tony P wrote:

and do tell, why would that be?


Miss Mew wrote:

Tony P.,

i was just going through our past correspondences last night and wondering what had happened to you and who you really are. i want to know your story, Tony P. Tell me a story.


Tony P wrote:

interesting...out of the blue today i came across it too...a story then it shall are such an intriguing presence Miss Mew......stay tuned...Tony


Blogger Mick said...

Hi Anne,
I find this project fascinating. Am I wrong, or were you called out on this a week or so back about whether this was "art" or not? Either way, I follow this evolving "performance art"? with great interest. As artists begin to develop niche audiences by reaching out to varied and disconnected network clusters of individuals and groups. Toward that end, why shouldn't fetishists be the recipient of a conceptual piece such as this?

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, aka "Miss Mew"

This is "Tony P" and with the reach provided by my friends at Google, I've discovered your blog...

When I came across your Miss Mew persona, and to be honest, I'm not quite sure how I did, there were a couple of things about you that piqued my interest...

First and foremost, your physical characteristics fit my mind's eye of the perfect woman...your smile is lovely and your breasts are as perfect as I've ever seen...added to this was a profile of a woman without boundaries...a mysterious presence...mysterious in that I didn't know quite how to respond to were at times quite reserved, and then I'd receive an email with a customized picture directed toward my breast fetish...

I'm note quite sure how you could have misread how I felt about is a snippet from a Yahoo IM Conversation...

tonypl9999 (3:59:17 PM): what a treat
tonypl9999 (3:59:18 PM): ty
theonemissmew (3:59:24 PM): hello tony
tonypl9999 (3:59:27 PM): hi
tonypl9999 (4:00:00 PM): i'm mesmerized!
tonypl9999 (4:00:29 PM): amazing
tonypl9999 (4:00:32 PM): so
tonypl9999 (4:00:34 PM): amazing
theonemissmew (4:01:01 PM): i didn't know that you liked hypno, tony. is this where you found me?
tonypl9999 (4:01:19 PM): i think so...i checked out your profile somewhere
tonypl9999 (4:01:20 PM): and
tonypl9999 (4:01:25 PM): i look for you
tonypl9999 (4:01:25 PM): lol
tonypl9999 (4:01:30 PM): everyday
tonypl9999 (4:01:31 PM): since
tonypl9999 (4:02:01 PM): you are so hot
tonypl9999 (4:02:06 PM): and have a GREAt smile
theonemissmew (4:02:10 PM): ty tony.
theonemissmew (4:02:20 PM): you're making me selfconscious!
tonypl9999 (4:02:32 PM): you're making me things too
tonypl9999 (4:02:35 PM): lol
tonypl9999 (4:03:34 PM): teo words keep bouncing around my head
tonypl9999 (4:03:35 PM): yum
tonypl9999 (4:03:37 PM): and yum
tonypl9999 (4:04:32 PM): could you please hold those spectaculer breasts together for me
tonypl9999 (4:04:37 PM): if thats not too forward
theonemissmew (4:04:52 PM): that is quite forward, tony
tonypl9999 (4:05:02 PM): my apologies
tonypl9999 (4:05:05 PM): please?
theonemissmew (4:05:23 PM): i'll think about it, tony
tonypl9999 (4:06:56 PM): ty
tonypl9999 (4:07:49 PM): i am SO happy you gave me a peek
tonypl9999 (4:07:54 PM): you made my day
tonypl9999 (4:07:55 PM):
theonemissmew (4:08:04 PM): i'm glad tony.
theonemissmew (4:11:47 PM): ty tony. you are most kind..
tonypl9999 (4:12:18 PM): oh my
tonypl9999 (4:12:20 PM): TY
theonemissmew (4:12:28 PM): yvw, tony
tonypl9999 (4:12:59 PM): you now have at least one rock hard fan on the east coast!
tonypl9999 (4:13:04 PM): so nice
theonemissmew (4:13:10 PM): very nice to hear.
theonemissmew (4:13:19 PM): i like thinking about you in that state tony
tonypl9999 (4:13:38 PM): i find you quite arousing
theonemissmew (4:17:23 PM): i'm going to close the cam now, tony
tonypl9999 (4:17:30 PM):
tonypl9999 (4:17:34 PM): thanx again sweetie
tonypl9999 (4:17:36 PM): bye
theonemissmew (4:17:41 PM): bye

I guess you avoiding me explains why i thought you

Anyway, here's who I am...The Tony P story started about 44 years ago in NYC...I'm a very successful businessperson that to all who "know" me has it "all"...but there exists a void that I've been unable to fill...a level of intimacy I've been unable to reach...and this led me to explore power exchange/alternative life internet search has been largely disappointing as the Dommes with significant online presence seem primarily commercially motivated...Miss Mew, well, I'm not sure what you represented, but you seemed genuinely into this world....and I was happy to help in supporting you to develop a site which was your stated aim...

I'm not sure why I emailed you yesterday...or why I even kept your original emails...even with virtually unlimited space, I only saved 10 or emails that are over a month old...3 are from you and I still enjoy looking at You...

I'm open to any other questions you might have...

Take care, Tony P

6:46 AM  
Blogger Anne Walk said...

Tony P.,

thankyou so much for your post! how wonderful to hear from you in this context. i truly mean it.

the kinky mew site was, indeed my aim and had to be put on hold due to illness. i hate it when life steps in and changes my plans.

i have been involved in power exchange lifestyles for quite some time but have had only a little experience with the Domme side. Miss Mew was (and still is) part of an exploration into that realm.

during the kinky mew phase, i frequently felt ill equipped to handle the needs of the people who approached me. Too often, i felt phony and undeserving. i wanted to solve everyone's problems and it pained me that i could not.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anne, or as I'll continue to see you, Miss Mew...

I thoroughly enjoyed our brief collision on the web and as well as the momentos I still retain from

You seem like a very genuine and passionate person and I'm sure you'll overcome whatever challenges life presents...

I wish you success and happiness now and in the future...

Yours,at least briefly, Tony

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the one that made the response of it not being art. I am not an art fact I would probably rate 20 steps below a novice. It was just a neanderthal response and lashing out to our break up, not to the content of the project. As you can see, I am not handling it particularly well. I have already personally apologized to Anne, and pleaded temperary insanity. I miss her very much. It wont happen again.

And Tony....her smile is incredible, but do not compare to her clear green eyes. I would have to agree with you on her breasts being perfection. I can still feel them in my hands and still taste them on my lips. I want to play with her hair, and I want her to bite my chin..........

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i was listing but a few of her lovely qualities...i can imagine the longing you have to again sample her perfection...i think someone addressed the whole it's better to have loved and lost subject, but one has to wonder sometimes...

tony p

9:30 AM  
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