Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Concerning Chunky Fresh

Chat is an ongoing narrative that is written as it is read as it is written. It could also be described as a fantastic reality, blurring together the real and the imagined. Today, in PM:
chunkyfresh23: can i tell u a sexual secret?
theonemissmew: alright
chunkyfresh23: i want to suck on my little sisters feet
chunkyfresh23: should I?
theonemissmew: her feet in particular? or anybody's feet?
chunkyfresh23: hers
chunkyfresh23: is that bad?
theonemissmew: probably
chunkyfresh23: she is sleeping with no socks on
chunkyfresh23: u think i would wake her?
I sometimes get these types of messages and they create a dilemma. Is this person referring to a "real" sister or is he roleplaying? Since all chat contains elements of roleplay (id, avatar, profile, etc), there is no way to know. Would I be coauthoring a story or complicit in an assault?


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