Sunday, April 17, 2005

Virtual Contact

I once had an affair, of sorts, consisting of emails and phonecalls. It went on for the better part of a year and was quite good. Sadly, we met.

I'm saying this now because, I recently answered a post from the strictly platonic section of craigslist:
virtual contact - m4w - 44

interested in e-mail buddies, preferrably with slightly neurotic but not dangerous and maybe strangely attractive women, with little hope of meeting (I am usually preoccupied, and in a relationship, etc.) but with intent to stretch out a little and maybe feel something, or conceive of something, new-ish. I am perhaps a little philosophical, enjoy stating the obvious, and like books and art and music, and natural things too, walking, beaches, all that Vancouver laid-back stuff.
Send me whatever, a note, a comment, a critique.
I'll respond with my ....
This was something I hadn't tried before - trying to begin a correspondence without any previous connection to the participant. I wondered what would happen. What would we talk about? How does one begin?

I've been at it for less than a week now and, let me tell you, it's difficult. Maybe I'm just too tired to play the word game any longer. I'm losing my touch.

This afternoon, I painted and it felt good. It reminded me of how much I used to enjoy it - before I went to school learned that it was dead.


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