Monday, April 11, 2005


Sophie Calle is one of my favorite artists. K sent me a link to an article in a December issue of The Guardian and I was particularly interested in this part:
Calle admits that she is given to introspection when unhappy. Grief is inevitably a better subject than joy, she argues. "When I'm happy I don't photograph the moment to share with people on the wall of a museum. It doesn't translate so well. Do people like hearing someone's story about how happy they are? Not usually," she says. "I was happy with someone for seven years recently and all my friends were very worried about what I was going to produce in this pink period. I did produce a lot but mainly it wasn't about me; I didn't feel like I needed to use my feelings."

I have been interested in her performances since one of my professors pointed her out to me in school. He thought that what I was doing at the time related to her work. I can see how it looks that way. I get involved with strangers and make work out of the experience.

Since then, however, I've become increasingly uncomfortable revealing things about my participants. For example, I just posted the Bondage-A-Go-Go text and now I'm feeling bad. It's true, I did delete his website address and I haven't posted his real name or his pic, but it still worries me.

Also, I think that I should have told him that I'm an artist. I think he surmised it toward the end and that's why he disappeared so suddenly. He must have felt exposed. And now, here I am, making it worse.

I am quite protective of many of my participants. I try to talk about things in a way that only reveals my own part in a performance.

On the other hand, the fact that artphotographer777 is an artist compels me post this discussion. Now, I'm sitting here, wondering why...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you don't need to investigate undercover.

You are interested in bondage, and how people in bondage bond together?

Announce it as such when you meet people, or write a diary and keep everything anonymous.

It seems that person was looking for more than sex. Or was it you?


Cedric Caspesyan

8:39 PM  
Blogger Anne Walk said...

hi Cedric!

thanks for the comments.

actually, i'm more of a participant than an investigator.

i like your final line, Cedric. it's always me.

12:20 AM  

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