Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rebecca Belmore In Venice

Rebecca Belmore is representing Canada at this year's Venice Biennale with an installation called Fountain. I decided to check out the site today and read up on what she's doing:
Rebecca Belmoreā€™s new work, Fountain, was conceived for the Canada Pavilion at the Giardini in Venice. An image is projected through falling water onto an irregular white rock wall. The projected image is an edited DVD of a video shot cinema-style on an industrial zone beach near Vancouver, Canada. It is a cold, grey winter day, typical of the North American Pacific Northwest in January. The action is in five parts. The artist flails in the water near the shore struggling with a bucket. Next, in a calm state, she kneels and holds the vessel beneath the surface of the water. Then she rises and walks on the shore. After that, she stops and tosses the contents of the pail toward the lens, covering the screen with a sheet of blood. And, lastly, she is seen through the film of blood that fragments and distorts the image...
I thought about how Belmore's Aboriginal identity plays a key role in suggesting meaning in Fountain. I wondered how the piece would read with various other people standing in for her. I thought about how my own stereotypical notions of Native=Land informed my interpretation of the narrative and I wondered if Belmore was thinking those same things when she created it.

I'm curious to see if/how this work will be written up by the media.


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