Tuesday, April 19, 2005

MVS at U of T

still from The Lie In Wait, video installation, Jean-Paul Kelly

Has anyone been to the MVA Graduating Exhibition at the University of Toronto? I wish I could go. sigh. I suppose I will have to view it in catalogue form.
This exhibition includes Catherine Heard's installation "Votive", a combination of intensely evocative objects of private contemplation; Jean-Paul Kelly's highly personal - and often hilarious video installation "The Lie In Wait"; and the engaged and acutely political installation work of Craig Leonard, "Castro's Library". The exhibition is accompanied by a 24 page full-colour catalogue with texts by Peggy Gale.
I'm jealous of Jean-Paul for getting his Master's. Now he will think himself better than me. I'm glad I got a refill on my happy little pills. They help me live down such situations. Congrats, J-P!

*Update: Doh! Apparently, it's an MVS and not an MVA. Skyped with J.-P. today and he set me straight. He also told me that our friend, Jeremy Drummond, won a big art award. I took another pill.


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