Thursday, April 28, 2005

Miss Kimber, How Could You?

I received this offline message on Yahoo Messenger from a room reg:
miss_kimber [offline 2:01:15 AM]: hi people, i have something to say, i am a fake, yes a fake, hate me , like me, it doesnt really matter now, hopefuly i can keep some freinds, but im not expecting anyone to be my freaind, so ok, i fucked up, i got lonely and i live alone. most of what i said was true, the rest not, maybe i should just blow my fucking brains out for hurting you all. im sorry is all i can say and hope you can forgive me, if, oh well. maybe in a next life. so there you have it, ill keep this accout open for 2 days to see if i get any responses, good or hateful, im at the point where i dont care anymore, i do have freinds here, but probably wont after this, so goodbye, hopefuly some wont hate me,

miss_kimber [offline 2:53:19 AM]: gonna change names

I don't know if I'm a fake or not. How does one know where the line is?

B. understands the power of the lie in the formation of self identity. In her grade two journal, she wrote that, while she enjoyed living in Ontario, she missed India. After the teacher discovered that B. had never been to India, she was horrified. It bothered the her that B. related the stories of India with conviction and that she had believed her. I was impressed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! I forgot about that. That was funny, but I guess that's what happens when people put so much pressure on others to have very interesting lives. Our teachers always wanted us to write about ourselves and the interesting things we did that day. Since I seldom did things that I consider interesting, I had to make things up to compete. :P It's hard for people to come up with fascinating journal entries when they're required to write every single day, whether they have anything to say or not.

6:22 PM  
Blogger Anne Walk said...

hey B!

you have just described my life as an artist! the pressure to be interesting is quite daunting.

and, you're right. it's hard to think of interesting things to say every single day.

6:36 PM  
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