Thursday, April 07, 2005

In The Spirit Of Generosity

I’ve often thought that there are two varieties of artists. There’s the fussy type, which I tend to be, who always censor themselves, and then there are people like Miles Davis and Prince who just say, “Look, if it came from me, it’s probably good.” There’s a certain generosity in that. Which category of artist do you fall into?

Brian Eno

I have sometimes been accused of stinginess in relation to my art. Since I have begun this blog, I've been thinking alot about this stinginess and how it is ultimately a manifestation of my fear of looking like a fool.

Hopefully, through posting, I will be able to confront this fear by generously supplying my audience with my every errant thought and image. In the spirit of this newfound freedom, I present you with a view from my bedroom window.

the view


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