Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I Am An Artist...I Think

I read Jennifer McMackon's post on simpleposie concerning a review of the current show at the Power Plant and wrote her a response. My response really has nothing to do with the show. I have not seen it and, likely, I never will. Thought I'd post it here, however, because I am lazy today and can think of nothing else to write about. So, without further ado:
i like this post. it makes me wish that i could see the show for myself and have something to say about it. but, i can't, so i won't.

so i guess i'll talk about your post and some of the things it made me think about.

first of all, i love posts that start with a personal story. they make my toes wiggle.

second, i'm always wonderous of the continued blathering over what constitutes art. that is an old bone we've been chewing on much longer than "conceptualism" and yet, to use Comeau's words, "it keeps churning away".

while i am not a big fan of work that can only be made intelligible after a master's in theory, i do love work that gets a conversation going - that causes me to consider associations, references, histories i hadn't considered before. i also love work that inspires feeling in me - be it happiness, longing, regret,etc. for many, a lovingly crafted object is just the thing. not me. ideas make me hot!

Conceptualism doesn't have to be based on the writings of so-and-so and come with a bibliography. it's about ideas. sadly, it's true, too many artists prefer the safe thoughts of theorists to their own jumbled introspections. this is a failing of the artists and not of conceptualism.

sometimes, the idea is more interesting than the product created to illustrate the idea for the benefit of a gallery setting. why get rid of the idea? why not get rid of the gallery? i would be happy to see an end to the material entirely! after all, haven't we had material art for thousands of years? isn't it over yet?

of course, the side of me that wants gallery shows is horrified at the thought. i think that is the real problem with conceptual art. we stand on the ledge, but we're too scared to jump.


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so true, so true. well said.

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