Monday, March 07, 2005

R, I miss you...

I love reading messages that people leave for each other in public forums. Little secret codes without a key. I saw these in Craigslist today:

R, I miss you - m4w
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Date: 2005-03-07, 12:35AM PST

Textbooks didn't help, nor reason, nor distractions, nor time (5 months ... can't believe it.) The more I understand the less it matters. Few keystrokes can change a lot.

(I wonder if Google will spider this one and store it forever)

RE: Kitty...
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Date: 2005-03-07, 12:18AM PST

You assume too much


You were pathologically flattered by my compliment - w4w
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Date: 2005-03-06, 11:00PM PST

I burned myself into the ground at the gym. Before the gym I wept to my mother about my fears. Well, It all started again with Susan Sontag and now i've got a big ugly hole and everything is bleeding out.

My mother helped me a lot. She just let me express all the irrational fears and she let me just be a baby. Then I worked out as I were some kind of jock. Then I went to Barnes and Noble. I fucking love NY. I hate having holes.


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