Wednesday, March 02, 2005


park dweller
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While out taking lovely, tourist pics of the local landscape, I couldn't resist this one of a homeless man sleeping on Skaha Beach. I felt somewhat guilty taking it - what right do I have to take his image? I was furtive about it too which only added to my guilt.

Viewing people from the camera, I felt somehow justified. I told myself it was art and, therefore, not only acceptable but something of a calling. I told myself that it wouldn't do to ask him if he would mind because I wanted him "natural" not posed. It added to the piece.

Really, though, I was scared to. Would he have told me to piss off? Would he ask me who I thought I was turning his circumstances into a lovely tourist photo? Would he have asked me if I was trying to make some sort of statement? Would he have, perish the thought, tried to become friends with me?

Too bad I don't have a telephoto lens. It could have been so much nicer.


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