Friday, March 25, 2005

I Have Intentions

Thinking about J and his views concerning video bloggers and their relationship to video artists, I came upon an art video that asks these same questions about intent.
The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal
Matt McCormick

16mm / Digital Video - 16 minutes - 2001
Experimental Documentary

Graffiti removal: the act of removing tags and graffiti by painting over them.

Subconscious art: a product of artistic merit that was created without conscious artistic intentions.

It is no coincidence that funding for “anti-graffiti” campaigns often outweighs funding for the arts. Graffiti removal has subverted the common obstacles blocking creative expression and become one of the more intriguing and important art movements of our time. Emerging from the human psyche and showing characteristics of abstract expressionism, minimalism and Russian constructivism, graffiti removal has secured its place in the history of modern art while being created by artists who are unconscious of their artistic achievements.

Wardomatic asks:
Is it really art if the creator is not aware of it?

To these "removal artists," what they were doing was WORK. They were not thinking in creative terms. They just picked out the paint, the rollers, and did their thing. In fact, in the film, the filmmakers mention that there had to be some creative process going on, as the workers had to pick and choose which gallon of paint to use, and how to paint over the graffiti. But the big difference is that these workers were not making these choices with the knowledge of having an end result (aside from the fact of getting the job done). Is it necessary for the artist to knowingly benefit from the process?

I really don't have any answers here. I am, however, always fascinated by the things people do and why they do them. And I want to be a part of it.


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