Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Down to Business

I think that I should take myself and my work more seriously. And so, I am reading a series of articles on ArtBusiness.Com. While it won't give me the motivation to actually create, it does offer advice on what to do should I manage to get over the creation hump.

I thought that I would post this for the benefit of actual practising artists. On this site you can learn Strategies to Advance Your Art Career, How to Write an Artist Statement and much more! A few quotes to get you started:

Even though your art may contain negative or disturbing images, portray them as representing positive end results.

Any insights, enlightenments, sufferings, or inner pain you experience while creating art are your own business. Don't bill collectors for it.

...the art will never look as good as it does during the opening, and this represents an opportunity for significant advancement in an artist's career.

And, finally....
you must somehow convince others that they're better off owning than not owning your art.


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