Tuesday, March 01, 2005


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I left the house today and took a trip up the valley to Kelowna to visit the Alternator Gallery which, of course, was closed for installation. bah! I really should plan my trips more carefully. Instead of gallery going, I ended up at the casino across the way and lost $50.

The trip was a visual feast, however. I honestly don't know how people can paint landscapes here. They paint themselves. Painting them could only end in failure.

The Okanagan Lake was a perfect looking glass today. Everything felt so photoshopped. Special effects everywhere.


Blogger Jatsimpleposie said...

I've seen some tremendous landscape paintings in the interior. Nearly every coffee shop/diner has a couple. It's weird. The mountains and lakes are so overwhelmingly beautiful, no representation does the landscape justice. But thankfully it doesn't stop people from trying!

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