Thursday, March 24, 2005

Concerning Maurizio Cattelan

In an effort to learn about other artists and what they do and how it relates to what I do (contextualizing myself), I came upon a quote that should be my mantra;
"It is good for the artist to insinuate himself into the open mesh of any system—not in a provocative and visible way, but mimetically, using their same mediums."—Maurizio Cattelan
I have always been interested in the ways in which ordinary people do ordinary things. I want to be ordinary too and so I attempt to mimic these actions but it is too late. My home videos are too contrived. My porn site is too ironic. I don't know who my audience is. Know your audience, they tried to drum into me at crits. But it was no good. I have only passing acquaintances.

I am familiar with Cattelan's work although I didn't know it until I googled him.
cattelan did not attend art school but taught himself. he worked as a cook, gardener, nurse and mortuary attendant, before turning to making art with the hope that the art world might offer him ‘better treatment’.

I saw this piece installed at Ydessa Hendeles in Toronto. The little Hitler inspired empathy - quite improper.

© maurizio cattelan
(photorealist sculpture of a miniature hitler in prayer
- an icon of fear.)
installation at faergfabriken, center for contemporary art
and architecture, stockholm

This is one of K's favorites:

© maurizio cattelan
(a stuffed squirrel apparently shooting itself at a
kitchen table)
installation at the laure genillard gallery, london


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