Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Arrival

Well. I received my copy of Front Magazine in the mail today. At 44 pages, it's about average for these types of mags and of average quality physically. Thin cover and b&w, but full sized. If you manage to find a copy (newstand price of $3), let me know what you think of what you see and read within. Here's my take.

Dual Bunnies, Sonja Ahlers, (pg 5) might be compared to the stuffed alterations on Morbid Tendencies but the feel is altogether different. The lovingly homemade conjoined bunnies (joined at the side) feel more like mutual need.

I really like Waiting For What Is Rightfully Mine - Aristotelian Version from Transit Lounge, Andreas Kahre (pgs 16-17). An empty baggage handling area is doubled, it's low ceilings bearing down on fat pillars over an expanse of wall to wall carpeting. The clean mechanics of the carousel. The expectant body. The space between destinations.

I would prefer that the image was not created by the magazine's editor (I know. I'm a purist) Also, the piece works well without the addition of the subtitle which, somehow, spoils it a bit for me. I don't need the image spanning pages 18-19 either. Perhaps, in a previous context, it is important. Here, it is superfluous.

As for the writing, there are a few gems - an evocative sentence here and there, but the journey to find them is a bit torturous.

I think that everyone should submit to this magazine for their next deadline (April 1st). Give them lots of gems to choose from.


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