Friday, February 25, 2005

Somerville Art Star?

For those of you who are following the ongoing saga of The Gates and the various parodies of the project, I'm flabbergasted at the fame of the Somerville Gates, the mini version featuring the maker's pet cat. What astounds me, is not the fifteen minutes of blogger fame Hargadon is enjoying, nor is it the tv spots (my best guess is, the cat has a lot to do with it). What really made my eyes roll was this bit, read at Boing Boing:
Museums across the country are after him. Manhattan's Pratt Institute wants a Somerville Gate for its permanent collection. Ditto, the Browne Popular Culture Museum in Bowling Green, Ohio; the Portland Art Museum in Oregon; and Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C. Someone from Tufts University invited him to display the work in a juried art show.


Actually, this story does remind me of the Voice of Fire purchase here in Canada some years ago and the furor it caused over the purchasing price. Anyone remember the guy who made the news for painting a parody of the piece on his garage door? I do. I remember seeing the garage door work on every Canadian news channel for the next week or so. I actually remember the garage door with more vividness than the original that inspired it. What I don't recall, however, is whether Canadian galleries clamoured after the maker insisting on adding the door to their collections.

Hargadon seems as bewildered about his new found artistic credentials as I am:
One minute you're sitting on the floor making 4"-high gates as a joke, the next minute you're judging art competitions at Tufts University.



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