Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sad Arrangements

Maybe it's because I've been ill. Maybe it's because I'm full of regret and longing. I saw the Melancholytron Photoshop plugin by Flaming Pear and I just had to have it. Not buy it, mind you. The fourteen day demo should be plenty of time to soak in the tub of nostalgia...

a sad arrangement

S. posited a question to no one in particular: Can a photograph inspire empathy (or something equally broad)? But then, I wonder....if one person looks at a picture and is moved, even if they are the only one that does, is the picture successful in eliciting empathy? Is there a particular audience that must feel this empathy or can anyone join?

Theoretical questions irk me. Irritatingly, they also intrigue me.


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